Call Centre Model

Trucking Logistics and Scheduling

Emergency Department Simulation

What are your patients waiting for?

This video demonstrates a simulation model of an Emergency Department built in Simio.
The model allows the user to test the impact on the department of changes to layout, number of beds, doctors, and nurses, as well as changes to both department process as well as treatment times.  For example, what are the benefits of adding additional portable X-Rays?
The model includes varying arrival rate by time of day, different treatment times by patient condition, different treatment requirements by patient condition, with each parameter pulled from a distribution to include realistic random impacts on the performance.
Queues build and dissipate, patients can wait and even leave without being seen.
Statistics can be recorded on each component of the model, including median time to treatment, length of stay (door to door), and resource utilisation.

Day Surgery Simulation

Train Loading and Unloading

This video highlights Simio’s capability for rapid modelling of detailed operations.  It includes a variable infeed rate at a train loading bin, individual railcar wagons and locomotives, acceleration and deceleration of a train, and the dumping and indexing operation.

Rail Workshop

This demonstration Simio model includes linked pairs of rail cars entering a workshop, going through inspection, and then having their bogies removed.  These bogies are then moved around the workshop by forklift with activities being carried out by workers.

Pit to Port Supply Chain

Construction Planning Model

Construction of an Undersea Pipeline